• Alex Benestelli

Update on the Campaign

Dear Friends,

We have been convinced the Holy Spirit is leading is in our organ project, and that feeling has been confirmed along the way by how smoothly and naturally each step has gone. Even now, with all the economic uncertainty of the present health crisis, we continue to make progress.

Every big project has some bumps along the way, and I admit having pledge cards reach your mailboxes on a day that stock markets dropped so severely was not good timing. Several of you have reached out to indicate you intend to make a pledge once there is more economic stability, and this note comes as an assurance that there is no rush to make a gift during this pandemic. We are all in a bit of a holding pattern as we await a return to normal.

Even still, the campaign continues to make measurable progress having passed $2.86 million raised, and new pledge cards are arriving every week. We have been blessed by several patrons who fulfilled their pledges at the beginning of the project, and we hope to be well positioned for a successful outcome by the end of the year.

My hope is that as the present health crisis passes and we come back together, many in our community will be able to take advantage of the special incentives for 2020 charitable giving included in the CARES act. We won’t forget to remind you, don’t worry!

In the meantime, the most important thing to remember is that we are all in this together. That is what is so special about the St. James community. Challenges arise and are gradually overcome, and the church still stands as a sign of our faith, just as it has and always will. As the great hymn writer Isaac Watts said so well, “O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast, and our eternal home.”

Please continue to pray for the organ project and consider how you might be able to contribute in the days ahead. For all the latest updates visit our website,

Best regards,

Alex Benestelli



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