Music changes lives. 

The majestic sound of the organ has welcomed people to St. James by-the-Sea for nearly a hundred years. We live out our faith as Christians in artistic expression, and nothing speaks more deeply to the soul than powerful, spirit-filled music. St. James has always been known for the quality of its music ministry, and we live into that by investing our time, talent, and resources to offer our very best to God. We are proud to be known for our music, and now more than ever our world cries out for the compassion and beauty that music uniquely provides. That is why when our previous organ reached the end of its life, we made a bold choice to build this new Rosales/Parsons organ. 

Our goal. $3.5 Million.

Building a new organ is a big commitment. This campaign aims to raise $3.5 million. Included is the cost of the organ itself, preparations to our building, and an endowment for organ maintenance and education. The church has faced challenges in every generation, and each time the St. James community has risen to make the outcome even better than it was before. As you consider making a pledge, remember that The St. James Organ Project is about living our faith, not just fixing something that is broken. It is about standing at the crossroads of faith and culture as a witness to our community. Every gift makes a difference!

Pledging over three years.


Organists Circle
Solo Stops
Chorus Reeds
$1 - $5,000

In recognition of your generosity, donors at the Chorus Reeds level and above will be recognized on the dedication plaque of the new organ. All donors will be recognized in the dedication book, which will contain information about the organ, its history, various dedication events and concerts, and all those whose contributions made this project possible. Thank you for your gift! 


At MCASD we are in the throes of expanding our La Jolla campus, and down the road, the La Jolla Music Society just celebrated the inauguration of its state-of-the-art facility, The CONRAD. How fitting, then, that St. James by-the-Sea should also embark on a much needed artistic campaign? Your effort complements the cultural assets of the La Jolla Village and helps infuse the region with energy and creativity. The sights and sounds we will offer together will increase La Jolla's reputation as a cultural destination! 

Kathryn Kanjo, Director and CEO

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Congratulations on this ambitious undertaking for a fantastic new pipe organ at St. James by-the-Sea! San Diego Opera is always delighted to learn about projects that will enhance the musical life of the city, and we are particularly excited because we are looking for new venues for our Detour series, which presents works outside of traditional grand opera in varied and intimate settings throughout San Diego.

David Bennett, General Director

San Diego Opera

I believe your project will fulfill the original intent of the Church's founders and architects in both design and substance, and along with your other recent renovations, enrich the town's historical and architectural fabric. St. James has engaged with the wider public through music and the arts for almost a century, and we look froward to working with you as partners in the vibrant La Jolla arts and culture community. 

Heath Fox, Executive Director

La Jolla Historical Society


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